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day three hundred and ninety six, catrice i sea you!

okay. this is exciting! i’ve yammered a bit on how the UK is only part of europe technically and this is one of those times! some of my favourite nail blogs are written by people living in the netherland (or as i call them, “my dutchies!!!!!!!”) and they have access to some AMAZING nail polish brands (and some on the cheap too!) that we can’t even dream of acquiring in the UK. they just don’t exist. they aren’t stocked, there are no plans to stock them…so i rely on my fab dutch friends on acquiring them. catrice is a HUGE one. i am in love with almost every polish they have ever made. my friend michele (of the amazing lacquerized blog) did a contest about 8 months ago and the postal system kept lost my winning package so she had to redo it and included some catrice in as an apology for it taking longer than intended…but me being me…weirdo me, i haven’t used any of it. when someone gives me something special that is nail polish related…i’m like horton protecting an egg. i just sit on it! i don’t want to use it because then it’d be OVER! i love my blog but the opportunity to rewear polishes are far and few (unless they’re interview appropriate!) so i don’t wear polishes i’m really excited about sometimes because i want to prolong the experience!

i know, i’m a freak!

but anyway. my other wonderful dutchie friend, daph had a blogsale (her blog is nailswatches !). sometimes we nail bloggers accumulate a LOT of nail polish (hello…yes. that is me. and that’s why when i get a job…in addition to buying daylight bulbs and maybe some socks, i’m also going to buy some storage solutions for my nail polish!) and they decide to sell it. especially if it’s not something special and you can just pick it up at the drugstore. and if you live in the netherlands…that’s catrice! if you DON’T live in the netherlands…or somewhere that catrice is as common as water, you go insane (or in my case…more insane! weeeeee!) and the best part about blogsales is that because the blogger is selling used product and just wants it GONE they’re going to sell it at a fraction of the cost. so i walked away with half a dozen catrice polishes at 2€ (2 euros) each! that’s a BARGAIN! so that was my splurge for my birthday last month.

and now that i’ve explained all that…if you’re still reading this…wow, you’re amazing because man. someone should’ve just shut me up ages ago! but “i see you!” is a BEAUTIFUL turquoise-y (true story: when i was growing up i would always pronounce it turquoise-y in my head) blue green crème that just goes on the nail so deliciously with great opacity and i am in LOVE! this colour reminds me of oceans and mermaids (yes…MERMAIDS! or…merMAN!) and it’s just wonderful! i can’t wait to go through the rest of my catrice! very slowly! or maybe not at all! 😀

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