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L’Oreal Les Blancs Spring Pastel Collection

L'Oreal Spring Pastels 2014

To say that I meant to update long before now is a gross understatement…but life has a habit of getting away from me and I run to catch up with it and blogging falls further and further from my mind. However I am trapped on my couch with a sprained ankle (the first time I’ve hurt either of my ankles since I fractured my tibia last summer) so I am pretty frustrated and figured I should blog about the recent beauty event I went to with L’Oreal! I do want to blog more…I will just say that my personal life and I have been in an extended disagreement and much as I might want things to be going one way…life seems to be going a different way and I’m just doing the best I can. But it makes blogging difficult. My husband was an excellent nursemaid last night and isn’t very pleased that I’m being a bad patient today and desperately trying to run around and forgetting I have a bum ankle!

L'Oreal 2014 Pastels

So there were 4 pastel colours (and I even resisted eating the macarons from the display, way to go me and my new “let’s eat better and try to be healthy in 2014 [ahem, that was my 2013 plan but the whole bum leg threw it out the window]). I have to say I forgot to ask for a goodybag so I don’t know the colour names or have any bottle shots but I can tell you they were inspired by the pale colours of porcelain and it’s a soft, sweet and creamy colour with nice consistency. It isn’t like the very stark/chalky white pastel from the Illamasqua collection, it’s very traditional (and feminine in my mind) pastel type colours. Reminiscent of Easter eggs and all the traditional spring offerings from brands.

Purple Pastel L'Oreal 2014 SpringI did like that they had these colour/mood boards on display, I picked this colour for my manicure and did a French with black tips (that I stupidly forgot to photograph!) and it brought a nice edge to the pastel (not to mention the black complementing the white making up the pastel).

Green Pastel L'Oreal Spring 2014This is the style card for the green

Peach Pastel L'Oreal Spring 2014


And the peach

Yellow Pastel Spring 2014 L'OrealLastly the yellow, they called them Les Blancs


And in contrast they had a series of glitter and tweed topcoats:

Glitter Tweed Topcoats Spring 2014 L'Oreal


They each had their own style sheet

2014-02-04 18.09.22


2014-02-04 18.09.48


2014-02-04 18.11.11


And lastly up close and personal:

Glitter Tweed Top Coat Spring 2014 L'Oreal


Glitter Tweed Top Coat Spring 2014 L'Oreal


I loved the look of some of these….I wish I had a chance to try some!!




From “Into the Gloss: Facial Yoga”

So I have NO idea where I’ve been, I’ve always known about Into the Gloss but never read it until Christmas and I’ve been like a kid in a candy store devouring the site. Seriously it is THAT good. I found this video/article and was so blown away I had to share, it is a video about facial yoga with Ranjana Khan (a ridiculously talented jewellery designer) who is 57 and when she said she was 57 I genuinely said “shut up” to my computer I was so shocked! I think I’ve found my anti-aging techniques!

Definitely go read Into the Gloss if you aren’t already (what took me so long!?), I am there every day now! How amazing does Ranjana look!? I am doing these techniques along with her and trying different ones I find on YouTube, why not??



The difference between advertising, marketing and branding

Public Relations, Branding, Marketing

This picture has sort of gone viral on twitter tonight, I think it's brilliant!

Ringing in 2014

At the moment I don't know how I'm going to get back into blogging but it's one of my resolutions! I'm thinking something tiny every day. Maybe 4 days a week. I AM working on a “OMG I loved these products in 2013″ post, it will come soon!

So at least for today here is my contribution! I've somehow managed to end up with RGB Red in my bedside table. It's a fantastic red, very true and clear. Not leaning in any one way and it's ended up becoming my staple. It is a great one coat to opacity (granted I can still see the never ending dirt that lives under my fingernails) and it dries so quick. I was in a hurry and so I slapped it on haphazardly (hence the chipped pinky!) and wore it for my New Years Eve and Day.

Happy New Year, it's good to be back!


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