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Hurraw Green Tea Lip Balm

Hurraw Green Tea Lip BalmSo anyone who knows me can attest that I am one of Hurraw’s biggest fans. I wear the Moon balm to sleep and the Cherry balm during the day…there is practically nothing this brand can do to offend me. They are affordable, have an obscene number of flavours, they’re vegan and don’t make my lips MORE chapped just from using them!

This month I received the Green Tea flavour in my monthly Love Lula box (if you haven’t subscribed yet…you are MISSING OUT! £12.50/month for a box of full size, samples or other [this month I even got an eyeshadow EcoTools brush!] amazing green beauty products…I’m super absurdly fond of it because “green beauty” is one of the few things unfamiliar to me and this box allows me to try before I buy. I’d be a big liar if I didn’t say that every month I end up adding at least 1 product to my many “to buy” bookmarks!) and I love green tea. I drink it by the bucket load. There are so many reasons to stuff your body full of green tea (I know I don’t need to list them) and a green tea flavoured lip balm was intriguing. I love cherries and the cherry balm is delicious, this was another winner…right?

Unfortunately for me…I can’t stand this flavour. Which totally depresses me because (as noted in the image) it has matcha and antioxidants…it’s a lip party of goodness! I just…don’t like it. It has a weird taste that lingers or maybe a smell and I just cannot get on with it. I thought it was perfect timing because I have to use a tiny spatula to get out my Moon balm (it’s so close to empty…the sadness! [but pleasure at actually finishing a product!]) and I figured I could use this in the interim (even though it is less heavy duty) but I just don’t like it :(

This isn’t the first balm flavour I’ve disliked, I don’t like the Coffee flavour (which completely surprised me!)…but for a brand with over 22 flavours I’m sure there are bound to be loves and hates.

Disliking this flavour in no way deters me from promoting the brand to anyone who will listen. Cheap yet perfect…does a product get any better!? I think I’ll just stick with my nighttime and cherry balms for now!

I would use the search facility on the Hurraw website to find your local retailer: (their site isn’t working this second…hopefully it will be back up soon)

It is worth mentioning that I did a quick search for Hurraw in the UK and one retailer, MyPure ( is doing a 3 balm for £10 offer and since they usually are around £4ish each…you save a couple squid and get 3 Hurraws! I’m super eager to try out the Vanilla balm, Vata balm and to replace my nearly extinct Moon balm. Thinking about using this offer myself!!!

Jane Scrivner – Wildcrafted Lavender Drench

Jane Scrivner - Wildcrafted Lavender Drench

So..I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned what a huge fan of Jane Scrivner ( I am, I have almost her whole range of products and they are all so absurdly amazing and kind to your skin…I cannot speak highly enough! I received an email today saying that her limited edition Lavender Toner is down to 21 bottles. I have this product and I genuinely adore it. I even ration it because it is so special to me. Whenever my skin needs a pick-me-up or after my acidic toner I use this to re-balance my skin and infuse it with moisture and happiness. It just feels nice on your skin. I have to resist the temptation to rub my face after I apply it because my skin feels so soft! When I am having trouble with my eyes (they can get quite puffy sometimes) this is perfect to just put on some cotton pads and rest on my eyes and it is just soothing and calming. I even find it kind to the never-going-away redness in my skin, it helps just keep my skin happy and calm.

I love love love this product, I bought it with my own pennies last year and highly recommend it to ANYONE willing to try anything and everything Jane Scrivner. There isn’t anything from her site I wouldn’t promote – whether it is her cleansing balm, facial oils or even down to the velcro headband thing that I wear constantly because it helps keep my hair out of my way when I’m cleansing and it is way nicer than just using a headband because it covers my hair and keeps me from um…accidentally “face” washing my hair!

She began with 125 bottles and has sold over 100 so..if you like lavender or really luxurious and skin food friendly products…I cannot recommend this highly enough! No guarantees it is coming back so I will treasure my two bottles for all they are worth!

Product Information – £22 for 200mL

Blend Collective Enlivening Lip Balm

Blend Collective Enlivening Lip Balm


Think I might stick with this video thing. I get way more done than typing. Mostly because it just seems easier. I will figure out how to prop up my iPad properly also because the best background is in the bedroom…just getting a way to prop it in bed without it falling is tough!

For the record I’m pretty sure I bought this lip balm at Love Lula (not BeingContent) [not that it changes the price] but it is available at both e-tailers (Love Lula and Blend Collective) and you can look on Blend Collective for more stockists.



MIA :(

So…horror of horrors, the monitor bit attached to my laptop has DIED! It is being temporarily held together by using an external monitor and keyboard and mouse but it pains me to use it. I abhor being chained to a desk! So despite finally getting my pain medication increased for the first time in months and actually feeling like a normal person (almost) who actually could blog…I have no money for replacing my computer. So I will be MIA for awhile (and I have SO MANY REVIEWS TO WRITE, GRRR!!!) until I can afford a replacement.

Very frustratedly yours

Sara xo

Caudalie Polyphenol C15

Caudalie Polyphenol C15

So a few weeks ago I had the rare pleasure of attending an awesome event by Caudalie for their new Polyphenol C15 range. I say rare pleasure because I usually go to events and feel pretty lonely because I don’t know anyone and usually it isn’t as cool as you think it’s going to be. I remember getting my first event invite and being sooo excited and then attending and realising I didn’t know anyone or the people I did know already had their “event friends” (because they were friends in real life too [and I don't have any blog friends in real life]) and you go to events and it’s fun to see the product and learn about it but you don’t get to talk to anyone about it except maybe tweet about it? But this event was really fun for me because we were all split into groups and had different “stations” to go to and each station had its own activity and there was less of the standing around and more interaction between the brand and the product and everyone at the event. I had an awesome time (which was weird and fun), I wasn’t standing around feeling awkward because I didn’t know anyone and we (everyone at the event) got to speak to a nutritionist to learn about antioxidants, we spoke to a representative from Caudalie to learn about the products and took the online profile to learn our “Antioxidant level”.

So this line is pretty simple and I’m very much in love with it, I am turning 30 this year (and genuinely couldn’t be more excited!) so this range is pretty perfect for my skin. It is made up of the Caudalie patented ingredient made from grapes plus C15 and apparently the super smart scientists who work for Caudalie found out that when you combine the two you [your skin] blocks 100% free radicals. Apparently free radicals are what cause wrinkles…which are formed when free radicals attack your skin and take away the normal balance of things on your skin and attach a free radical to a normal cell and it becomes a wrinkle instead of what was a normal cell.

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Serum

So there is the serum you put on morning and night, it’s a sort of milky fluid and it absorbs quickly into the skin and has no real smell, it has hyaluronic acid and olive squalane. This bottle runs you £35 (I must admit that this is the only thing I’ve been any good at using on a regular-ish basis, my pain has been pretty bad lately so my skincare regimen has been rather nonexistent. I mostly just sit in a bathtub for hours in a time because I’m in pain and so hence blogging and skincare not so much!)

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye Cream

This is another from the line that I should be using (and when I have used it I’ve liked it) but it mostly comes down to laziness. I can never quite seem to incorporate eye cream into my skincare regimen even though I’m “at that age” where it stops being a suggestion from brands and starts being a…demand? Haha, how do you phrase it nicely! I like that it is light and absorbs fast, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky in any sort of way. Sometimes I try eye creams and they are filled with so many “helpful” ingredients that they end up feeling heavy or never really absorbing into my skin? Has anyone else ever felt that? I didn’t find that with this which was quite pleasant. This is filled with Matrixyl 3000 (whatever that is!), fern, horse chestnut, liquorice and witch hazel extracts. 15mL for £26 (for the record [at least for my dry lips] this doesn’t substitute a chapstick…or really moisturise my lips in any way? So I just use it for eyes [whenever I bother being proactive enough to use it!])

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Sun Protection

This is the product I wish I could form the habit of using daily. It’s a brilliant sun cream, SPF20 and blocking out all those wrinkles I’m supposed to care about not getting (although I can tell you right now that I don’t care…maybe because I work from home so my time in the “outside world” is quite limited?). Using sun protection daily is probably my biggest skin care bad habit (as in one I don’t do) and one I really want to change…eventually? Apparently it takes 28 days to form a habit…I’ll let you know if I ever start a habit of actually using sun protection! I like this and haven’t decided if I will buy this one in full size when I use up the trial or an organic one I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

I will say the cool thing about going to events is you get little trial sizes of products so you get to use them without buying them. I mean not loads of product but enough to kind of get a feel of if you like it or not. I wanted to post my pictures from the event but I use my phone for pictures and since my phone was at about 10% battery during the event so all my pictures came out blurry and bad :( .


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