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Jane Scrivner – Wildcrafted Lavender Drench

Jane Scrivner - Wildcrafted Lavender Drench

So..I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned what a huge fan of Jane Scrivner ( I am, I have almost her whole range of products and they are all so absurdly amazing and kind to your skin…I cannot speak highly enough! I received an email today saying that her limited edition Lavender Toner is down to 21 bottles. I have this product and I genuinely adore it. I even ration it because it is so special to me. Whenever my skin needs a pick-me-up or after my acidic toner I use this to re-balance my skin and infuse it with moisture and happiness. It just feels nice on your skin. I have to resist the temptation to rub my face after I apply it because my skin feels so soft! When I am having trouble with my eyes (they can get quite puffy sometimes) this is perfect to just put on some cotton pads and rest on my eyes and it is just soothing and calming. I even find it kind to the never-going-away redness in my skin, it helps just keep my skin happy and calm.

I love love love this product, I bought it with my own pennies last year and highly recommend it to ANYONE willing to try anything and everything Jane Scrivner. There isn’t anything from her site I wouldn’t promote – whether it is her cleansing balm, facial oils or even down to the velcro headband thing that I wear constantly because it helps keep my hair out of my way when I’m cleansing and it is way nicer than just using a headband because it covers my hair and keeps me from um…accidentally “face” washing my hair!

She began with 125 bottles and has sold over 100 so..if you like lavender or really luxurious and skin food friendly products…I cannot recommend this highly enough! No guarantees it is coming back so I will treasure my two bottles for all they are worth!

Product Information – £22 for 200mL

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