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Ringing in 2014

At the moment I don't know how I'm going to get back into blogging but it's one of my resolutions! I'm thinking something tiny every day. Maybe 4 days a week. I AM working on a “OMG I loved these products in 2013” post, it will come soon!

So at least for today here is my contribution! I've somehow managed to end up with RGB Red in my bedside table. It's a fantastic red, very true and clear. Not leaning in any one way and it's ended up becoming my staple. It is a great one coat to opacity (granted I can still see the never ending dirt that lives under my fingernails) and it dries so quick. I was in a hurry and so I slapped it on haphazardly (hence the chipped pinky!) and wore it for my New Years Eve and Day.

Happy New Year, it's good to be back!


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