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From “Into the Gloss: Facial Yoga”

So I have NO idea where I’ve been, I’ve always known about Into the Gloss but never read it until Christmas and I’ve been like a kid in a candy store devouring the site. Seriously it is THAT good. I found this video/article and was so blown away I had to share, it is a video about facial yoga with Ranjana Khan (a ridiculously talented jewellery designer) who is 57 and when she said she was 57 I genuinely said “shut up” to my computer I was so shocked! I think I’ve found my anti-aging techniques!

Definitely go read Into the Gloss if you aren’t already (what took me so long!?), I am there every day now! How amazing does Ranjana look!? I am doing these techniques along with her and trying different ones I find on YouTube, why not??



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