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New Summer…..New Hair!

Yes! I am finally sort of back! I am getting my health on track (or trying desperately), my foot is in a proper cast and I find out on Thursday if it is healed enough to be removed and I’m actually adjusted to my painkiller patch. I am full of blog ideas and it’s just getting them into blog format and setting up a queue (well, writing them. I never was a queue kinda gal!).

Now. Let’s put this to you all straight, I am incredibly absent minded,  I lose everything. I take my glasses off every evening before sleep (and go BLIND!) and then somehow manage to lose them even though I put them in the same place….just because I can’t see worth a damn. So this sounds like the perfect candidate for at-home hair bleaching, right? TOTALLY! I SWORE I would never do it…but of course I did. And I promised myself I would remember when I began bleaching so it would all go perfectly…and then I forgot when I set it and fell asleep. Way to go, Sara!!! So..I accidentally bleached the pigment out of the bottom 3/4 of my hair, I dyed my hair with permanent dye 5 times in 3 days in an attempt to re-pigment it (even though I know this isn’t how to re-pigment my hair) and of course it didn’t work. So I finally tried a semi-perm dye, Crazy Colours “Vermillion Red” which actually worked like a charm for 2 weeks before the colour fell out of the non-pigmented parts and ended up being the colour I wanted all along! But I decided it would be best to cut off the damaged parts instead of attempting to re-pigment and just start all over again.

This ended up being a super brilliant idea because it is SO HOT AND STICKY in London and having no hair on my neck? Godsend!!!


Post-Bleach Two Toned HairCan you see the fantastic way my hair goes from a brown-red to that weird pale colour at the bottom? And it looks all ripe and ready for breakage? :(


Vidal Sassoon Haircut Summer 2013I am ridiculously in love with it, it’s quite short in the back (cutting out the bleach mistakes!) and on side and sort of a curly mop top and free-cut curls on the side. I had the privilege of seeing the Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon Covent Garden and I could not be more satisfied with the cut or the cutter. He was absolutely amazing and made me feel right at home even though I did not go to my usual beloved Environment Salon on Duke Street (behind Selfridges) because I knew I wanted to change my hairstyle and figured that going somewhere new to someone who didn’t know me would be the best way to get that change I desired. I couldn’t stay in my comfort zone and get any of my “usual” styles because this person didn’t know any of them! It was a brilliant time. Now I’m torn between salons in the future!! It even makes my uber round face less…round! 😉

So much to say, just need the time to write it all down! Hopefully I’m back for good (although I should be moving ASAP so there might be another break. As ever, I will keep you posted!)

What do you think!? It’s my most drastic hair yet!!




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