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Foiled by life again!

I will say that there are SO MANY things I want to blog about but life has taken me for a turn again. As most of you know I have fibromyalgia which is incredibly painful and gets in the way of my existence almost all the time. On the bright side of that I finally got to attend a pain clinic and I am starting to manage my pain. But managing my pain comes with side effects like being very tired and woozy until I get adjusted to my new medication. On top of that within a week of starting my new medication I fractured my left ankle. Twice. So my brain is buzzing with topics but my body just isn’t there right now. I am dying to post but when I sit down to post my brain just fizzles out. :( I have so much to say and I desperately want to post. I think I just need to adjust and wait until the sleepy/woozy symptoms go away so I get my brain back!! But I promise, I have a whole new skincare routine with all new products…so much to show/tell you! I just need my body to work first!

2013-06-06 01.31.59

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