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B.Pure Micellar Water at Superdrug

b.pure micellar waterFor ages now Micellar Water have been a “big thing” in the beauty world. Honestly I’m not sure why. I’ve tried them over and over and I kind of don’t understand. I could understand if I was a model at a fashion show and needed my makeup changed in a hurry…but otherwise…for everyday life? I rarely use them. But the B. line at Superdrug has come out with a Micellar water and I’m going to give my opinion on it. Until now (and probably forever into the future) everyone’s go to Micellar water has been Bioderma, a French brand that used to be a pain to get in the UK but thanks to sites like Zuneta we don’t have to wait until it appears on eBay or a friend goes to France to get our hands on a bottle!

There’s now the B. brand version available at Superdrug (online now and in stores shortly) and apparently L’Oreal are bringing out their own version as well. I will say that the B.pure version is very nice, it leaves your skin soft and it does get the grime off (although I only use mine in conjunction with some sort of makeup remover wipe so I feel there’s enough cleaning and moisture happening on my face). I was at the launch and I spoke to the scientist behind this product and he made multiple changes to get this product good enough to be suitable for everyone, Micellar waters are famous for being hard on the eyes and he kept reformulating the product until he could pour it in his eyes without pain (as demonstrated to me!). So it’s actually been opthamically tested to be gentle on your eyes. I think my eyes are broken because when I try to use this to remove most eye makeup I start to cry it stings my eyes something fierce. I think for anyone without my eyes you’ll be fine!

I will definitely say it’s much cheaper than hunting eBay or buying from Zuneta, not to mention more widely accessible. If you are really interested in Micellar waters then this is the one for you. It’s high quality and really does remove makeup and grime and leave your face softer than when you began. This just seems like an ambivalent review because I am personally not the biggest fan of these products but I still think it’s good to own a bottle if not for makeup touch-ups, removing makeup in a hurry or just a general wipe of your face when you are feeling grimy. These waters do have their uses, I just dislike when people use them instead of properly cleansing their face!

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