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Ushvani Balm (aka magic!)


So last year when my mum was visiting we went to this amazing spa called Ushvani in West London. Probably the poshest and best spa I’ve ever been to in my life. I would love to afford to go there again.


Recently Cult Beauty had a special where if you spent over £40 (or was it £35?) you had got a free Ushvani balm. This balm is amazing. I wasn’t kidding in the subject when I called it magic, it really is. I have severe problems with my muscles, they get knots and lock up something terrible. There are days where I cannot move my head I am so tense and the pain is so severe. The Ushvani balm helps to loosen me up from it’s ingredients, it helps warm my muscles and let me massage them better (although nothing beats having a trained person massage you instead of your own tired hands…but I make do with what I can! 😉 ). I will say that after applying this balm to my neck and shoulders and working out some muscle knots I can actually move my neck again and while the effects don’t last forever (sadly!) it helps me get through in times of trouble and it even helps with my migraines!

I find the most intense/relaxing ingredients to be the eucalyptus and the camphor. My migraines are like a vise around the outside of my head and if I trace the ring with the balm it actually works to temporarily relieve my headache, it works much better than any painkiller.

The RRP for the balm is £29.50 (which is sort of expensive for 1.0z fl oz) but it doesnt sound expensive? Well, I’m sure in comparison to something else it could be expensive but I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and I haven’t even made a dent yet (using it almost daily)! This is a highly, highly recommended product from me.

As I said, I got mine as a gift with purchase from but it normally costs £29.50

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