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Kelly Brook does Cosmetics for New Look

Kelly Brook has come out with a decent sized makeup collection for New Look. I did a mini FOTD with the products on half of my face!


First up I tried the lip gloss, it looked sort of mauve in the tube and flesh coloured on the lips

I have to say that I hated this lip gloss. I didn’t mind the texture (nice and slippy instead of sticky) and  it wasn’t drying (it wasn’t moisturising either) but it smelled HORRIBLE. It had an incredibly strong smell of chemicals and the smell lingered for what felt like ever. Whenever I pressed my lips together I re-released the chemical scent. It really ruined what could’ve been a nice nude gloss.

I was surprised (in good and bad ways) by the smoky eye palette.  The brush was awful, it barely picked up any colour and made me think the eyeshadows were chalky and rubbish. But then I tried the sponge and it was like using a totally different palette, the shadows were great and I especially loved the sparkly black one (the sparkles stayed on as well, I’m so accustomed to them falling off!).

What I didn’t like: full of parabens (not proven to do any harm but when possible I avoid them)

Pretty typical black mascara, thick rubber wand and applies nicely. I did struggle a bit applying this but only because I was using my phone instead of an actual mirror!  I was pleased with this mascara, I applied two coats and no real clumping or spider lash problems. Just a nice mascara.

The pink (a bit too pink for my colouring!) blush has the blusher on one side and a mirror with the brush on the other. I only needed two swipes of blush on my cheeks and I was panicking I’d over-applied, so the colour payoff is definitely there. I loved the baby mirror, it certainly was helpful!

Let me make it very clear that I get my brows threaded and then leave them alone. I don’t use brow pencils or brow gel or anything to shape or colour my brows. They are on my face and they exist but otherwise nothing happens. I made an effort for this though, I have dark eyebrows so I went for the non-powder brown on the right and tried to fill in my eyebrows cleanly (and failed!). Then to be different I used the powder one also…for good measure? I honestly have no idea what I was doing and it looks fine from afar. I still am not sure I understand why or if it is really necessary.

What I didn’t like: More Parabens


There is also a liquid liner and that’s okay…really I’d say less than okay, it can’t really be touched up into a bottle of more liquid and it dried out halfway across my eye and I had to recap it and wait. But it makes a nice line.

So here is my (half) FOTD, I only did 1 eye and 1 cheek:


This collection also comes with 4 cute nail colours, I’m obsessed with the red/coral and the sparkly black:


All in all I think this is a good starter collection….but probably not for you if you are a serious makeup collector/addict

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