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Where Have I Been!?

Yes…so…I know I’ve been away for a long time and I really want to say that’s over and I’m back for good but sadly that’s not the case. In the last 6 months I’ve had strep throat, mumps and tonsillitis (I’ve had tonsillitis for over 6 months now!). In addition to the whole no job thing. It’s been a really frustrating and very exhausting time. Who knew being so sick could be so tiring!?! I have about 6 posts half written in my drafts, I just don’t have the energy to finish them, there’s so much I want to show you and talk to you about (although some of it’s probably super old news by now)…it’s just not going to happen yet. The antibiotics they had me on made me so sick I was sleeping 14+ hours a day and unable to leave my house. So I’m not taking those anymore and trying to convince them to take out my tonsils and then trying to get my other long-term degenerative illnesses under control…and then hopefully get a job and then get back to blogging. I really do miss it :(. In the mean time I hope you have been keeping polished and happy.

In closing here are some brands I am obsessed with:

  • Pai Skincare : Organic skincare at a super affordable price. I just bought their rosehip serum/oil and I will be buying their combination lotion on the sad sad day I run out of my Kate Somerville Goat Cream
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge : Hopefully by now someone on some blog has alerted you to the miracle that is RBR. Their eyeshadows are fantastic. I’m obsessed. Not cheap but a little goes a long way and the colours (and colour descriptions) are FANTASTIC.
  • Creative Nail Design (CND) Almond Hydrating Lotion : So I could tell you about the Vitamin E and Jojoba oil and how it prevents waterloss and keeps your hands soft and moisturised…but BLAH BLAH. Really now, I’m all about the almonds. I want to EAT THIS LOTION. It smells so good. It’s solar oil in lotion form. But I’m obsessed with marzipan so you can’t really blame me! If you love marzipan you will love this lotion and you will want to eat your hands. Or the Christmas smell…Vanilla Cashmere I think it was? I love that one also!


I will come back once I can, I promise!



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4 comments to Where Have I Been!?

  • Awww… You poor thing. I'm so sorry that you have been ill. I hope that you get those pesky tonsils out, soon and are back up to speed and living well, soon. Just take care of yourself, rest and heal. Blogs will still be here when you are ready to return.

  • Dia

    I've wondered where you've been. I need to try that CND lotion and I sympathize with the drafts situation. My draft section is dire, too. Good luck getting your tonsils removed- sounds like it needs to happen ASAP so you can get back to being healthy!

  • Sabrina

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been so sick, I really hope that you find some relief soon :) I'm sending you tons of well wishes
    My recent post St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Nails

  • Oh you poor thing. I hope you’re feeling much better and back blogging soon xx

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