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day six hundred and six, rescue beauty lounge smitten

So! This picture is making me a bit jealous as my nails look gorgeous here but I just had a disagreement with my nails (I wanted them to be nice and long and they wanted to break and I am back to itty bitty nubbins)….but moving on, this colour is so unlike me but I really love it anyway. It’s a beautiful blush pink and makes my skin look really healthy (unlike it’s super unhealthy winter pallor of the moment), it is in my interview shades list that I keep in my head. I feel like such a bad “cool colour” lover for being so into this shade but it’s just so pretty, I think it might be one of those universally flattering colours? I do hope I stop getting job rejections and start getting interviews so I can start wearing some of my interview shades for more than just pretend interviews I give myself in the mirror to keep my skills sharp! :) (Thinking of keeping the blog running 1-2x a week right now until I figure my stuff out, hope that’s alright with everyone!)

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