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Non Polish Post: Four Hair Salon in Mayfair

Four Salon on Conduit Street is “the” new salon. It is becoming a go-to place for colour….and being someone who’s coloured their hair for years and in need of a change…I booked an appointment and went! Previously my hair has been red with gold highlights and I had a great experience at my last salon, it was just too far from my home.

Four stands for the four owners/creative directors of the salon (they also have a combined 40 years in the haircolour world). Brooke Bohan, Maleeka Taher, Charlie Double and Denise Arnold. I saw Charlie (on the far right) and I had a few pictures of the colour I wanted, Charlie grabbed an iPad and went through some celebrities with similar hair colour to what I wanted to be sure we were on the same page…..and we set off!

I am well accustomed to how long it takes to get my hair done, I get my roots done, a tint and highlights. 3 hours in and out is me making good time! I am beyond ecstatic with the results, I wanted a copper colour and I got exactly what I wanted. Charlie was so precise with the colour application, she even re-did the root colour because it wasn’t as vibrant as the rest of my hair. This was also the first time anyone ever asked me about the placement of my highlights! I never gave it any thought before, my highlights get done…and then I’m done! This time we discussed it and went for putting the highlights underneath the top layer of my hair because I get highlights to give my hair depth and movement, not to add blonde into my hair. Plus now when my hair grows out my roots won’t be so bad, just light brown to copper roots instead of copper and blonde!

This is also the lightest I have ever coloured my brows. I always get them lightened slightly (my natural eyebrows are very dark brown [and my natural hair colour is light brown!]) but this time Charlie and I decided to lighten them significantly to go with my new hair colour. It was a bit disconcerting at first, it changed my whole face! It’s amazing the power of eyebrows…I felt like I needed to adjust how I did my makeup, how I wore everything! I am really happy with the results though, I feel like the lighter brows tie the hair colour to my face and just make it all work.

It’s very rare for me to wear my hair straight, it’s naturally curly and I lack the patience to straighten it (and it never looks as nice) but I decided to fork over the £30 for a fancy blowdry since I wanted to see the hair colour in all its glory. It’s insane to see how long my hair looks when it is straight! I was in dire need of a haircut, but I go to a salon where I can get my hair cut especially for my curls (Kiyo at Environment Salon is a miracle worker).

All in all I am very happy with the results. However….there is one thing about the salon that has been bothering me ever since I went and has actually kept me from writing this review. It might be a small thing but I’ve been going to hair salons my whole life and I’ve never been charged for drinking coffee or tea. At Four Salon a pot of plain, regular tea is £2.50. Now, I was already paying about £200 for the 3 types of colour and blowdry and then to get my bill and have a £5 charge for two pots of tea was jarring. I was really unhappy about this, no one advised me that there was a charge to drink tea and so to see it on my bill took me aback. I knew when I ordered a sandwich from their on-premise chef I would be charged….it just never occurred to me that I would be charged for tea.

If you had a cup of coffee while you were getting your hair done and they charged you for it (and didn’t tell you there was a charge) would you be upset?

I know every time I think about getting my hair done I cannot forget being charged for drinking tea! I would understand if I ordered something complicated like a smoothie….but it was just tea! I don’t know. It just bothers me every time anyone compliments my hair. I know I will go back because the colour was so fantastic….I will just bring my own tea or something! It really spoiled the experience.

Anyway, Four Salon: – Great for colour, skip the drinks!

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7 comments to Non Polish Post: Four Hair Salon in Mayfair

  • nightlynails

    Anytime I've ever been to a salon where they've served drinks, they've always been complimentary. So that's a bit of a surprise for me, considering what you paid for the service itself. So yes, I think that might bother me as well!
    But, your hair is stunning. The eyebrows look great with it – I wish I could pull that shade off, it's beautiful!

  • Your hair looks fabulous. They sure know what they are doing. :)

    I was stunned when you said that you had been billed for tea. In my experience, beverages are complimentary in a salon. To charge you so much money for colour, highlights and a blowout, then tack on so much for tea seems churlish, to me. In spite of the beautiful results, I would hesitate to return. There are plenty of salons where you can get beautiful colour. And a complimentary cup of tea. :)

  • I have never been charged for drinks at a salon, they should at least put out a little sign or something!

  • beachgal

    Nice shade on you! I also have never been charged for drinks 'offered' me at a salon. I HATE when they charge so much more to just blow out my cut/color – not like I want it styled. I have been know to just ask for them to hand me the blow dryer – that I don't need any styling – but I need to check the project they just did and like you said, can only do that when it's blown out dry. They really gouge use seems in the past 5 yrs for adding in a blow dry and a couple twists of a round brush!

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