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OPI Does Halloween 2011!

I would like to state for the record that I am a MASSIVE Halloween fan. Dressing up all silly and having an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate? Where do I sign up!? Growing up in the states I’m used to Halloween being a big deal. However……….in the UK…….it isn’t. Nobody really cares as much. So we are punished and most nail companies don’t release their Halloween collections here. Every year I have to sit on the sidelines while OPI and China Glaze release the most AMAZING or adorable Halloween collections and we get squat in the UK. It’s so disappointing!!!! My nail polish wishlist is filled with China Glaze Halloween collections of years past!

OPI aren’t really known for taking risks in their Halloween collections, they tend to do a variation on the classic each year. But it always works and they do have great names. This year you can buy a quartet of orange, white, black and a glow in the dark (!!) or this duo of glow in the dark and black shatter:


Now. There must be someway, somehow to convince these companies that people in Europe want these collections too!? Maybe we should start a petition 😀

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