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My first ever FOTD (face of the day)!

So! You have no idea, but I’ve been studying makeup like crazy in an attempts to actually understand application and products (instead of my usual “throw it on my face and hope for the best” technique) and will feature makeup more regularly here on Daily Polish. But never fear, I could never turn my back on my nail polish obsession, I just love makeup and want to attempt to be better at it (and if I’m showing it off on here…I have to be!).

Today I didn’t really want to put a lot of effort into my makeup and wear a lot of product, I’ve been wearing a full face of makeup everyday since Thursday so I wanted to keep it light, keep it simple. I was going bookshopping and then out to lunch and the weather is (surprisingly) nice outside.

I went for my new standard primer, Daniel Sandler’s Retexturizing Face Primer. I like that it’s SPF20, thin but with a good silicone base to prevent the makeup from sinking into my pores and to create the illusion of smoothness on my face. I used my favourite tinted moisturiser, By Terry’s Eclat de Rose because it makes my skin look nice and it feels nice on (very light!). I also used By Terry’s VIP undereye light reflecting concealer (since I’m not one of those people gifted with zero undereye bags or dark circles…lucky people!). I used Estee Lauder’s liquid eyeliner in Silver Zinc (from the limited edition Fall 2011 Modern Mercury collection – I love that it’s more of an antique gold than actually silver!) and NARS Night Star eyeshadow (one of my go to shimmery neutral colours, just adds some shimmer without any real colour). For my lips I went with By Terry’s Lacque de Rose in Rose Peche (a bit of an orangey pink that just looks nice and natural on me thankfully!) to make them look a bit more interesting than plain bare lips.

I wasn’t that fussed about concealer or making anything look perfect, it was just about evening out my skintone and giving my eyes some colour and shine to my lips. I’ve been wearing so much makeup all week that I wanted to keep everything really light and not be concerned about covering every imperfection. I wore tinted moisturiser and let the natural redness in my cheeks come through instead of covering it with foundation and concealer (and then going over it afterwards with a liquid blush).

Maybe not the most innovative of looks but I quite like it!

(I don’t have the best light in my flat….and any real idea how to take these pictures yet!)

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