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day five hundred and fifty, dare to wear kiss the rain

This polish is one of the prizes of my collection and I’ve been waiting over a year to wear it. I received it as a gift in a swap last summer, I was so surprised and touched and it’s a very old and hard to find polish (making it even more special). I’ve hesitated wearing it because much as I love my blog, once I wear a polish that’s it! I don’t get much of a chance to wear it again, if ever. It’s always about moving onto the next colour, the next untried polish. So when I have a special polish like this one…I might not wear it for a long time because I don’t want to move on from it!

Now. Let’s try and describe the colour. When I look at it I see a purpley silver grey and it is packed with fine rainbow glitter. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it, I almost felt like I had a prism on my hands, I was catching rainbows on my fingers and casting them off as well. Truly beautiful!!

Whatever happened to this brand anyway? I will say that all my Dare2Wear polishes are treasured and I hope to return to the dusty in Los Angeles next year where I scored the “mood” changing polishes (that didn’t change colours!) and find more.

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2 comments to day five hundred and fifty, dare to wear kiss the rain

  • rocksurfer

    See why you feel in love with this one. And I am the same way – despite I don't have to try a ton of polishes for bloggin…I have more than 800 in my collection that dates back to early days of OPI into late 80's! I have cleaned out many times – but it still hovers around 800 bottles and I don't collect Maybeline and Wet& Wild – nothing wrong with those in a collection – but I tend to only go for cheaper brands when I need a shade that I would not normally gravitate toward and need for a one shot thing. But I do the same thing – have hundreds of choices and I get so in love with one shade, I keep wanting to put it back on 4-5 times in a row before I can tear myself away from it.

  • This is gorgeous, I just bought this a couple days ago at a local beauty supply, they just started to carry the brand, and when I saw this one I had to ahve it…so pretty!

    Thanks for showing your swatches, thanks :)
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