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Vote to bring back retired Rescue Beauty Lounge Colours!

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Vote Here!!

One of my favourite things about Rescue Beauty Lounge is that Ji (owner…founder…creative brain!) is that she brings back retired colours based on polls we can all vote in. The only tough part is getting your colours to win! As a Rescue Beauty Lounge collector I usually take a pass on these polls but I’m definitely participating in this one because there’s a choice to bring back two super old colours, Moxie and Noisette! It’s only the super old I’m actually missing from my Rescue Beauty collection…and I honestly can’t even tell you which ones they are! I only knew I was missing these when they appeared on the poll! So if you are interested in any RBL colours (Scrangie, the Tudor collection, the glitter collection) and missed out on them the first time around…now is your chance!


You can see my Rescue Beauty Lounge pictures here



Sorry for not posting yesterday, just getting this in quickly, it’s moving day (so yesterday was PACKING DAY!). Wish me luck for my nails to make it through the trip unbroken!

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