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day five hundred and sixteen, l’oreal luminescence

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Is there anything more frustrating than trying to capture the true colour of gorgeous dark colour when the sun has disappeared!? I was cleaning up my old flat after moving everything yesterday and figured the sun would be out for hours to take photos (living in England we get hours and hours of sunlight…far more than I ever used to get when I lived in California!) but the sun vanished around 2:30 – 3pm and I hadn’t taken pictures yet!!! So I did the best I could using the super bright lights in the bathroom (by putting my hands right underneath them!) and it still isn’t perfect. I bought this colour on a whim at my friend Jen’s blogsale…she was selling it for super cheap and I don’t own any L’Oreals so I took a chance! I’m really glad I did, it’s my favourite kind of purple! Packed full of pink microshimmer that gives it a beautiful glow it’s a much more blue and darker based purple than any of my other similar purples and application was great, I only needed two coats (plus I was afraid if I put three it would look black instead of purple) and and it covered really well.

Super far away shot with flash to try and show the colour



What you see on the bottle really is what I see on my fingers…I just didn’t have enough light to pick it up!!!

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