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day four hundred and ninety seven, sleek oxford

I think what I love most about Sleek polishes (besides the price and great quality) is that they’re all BLACKENED (well…the 3 I’ve tried). It’s so weird, I kept passing this over because I thought I wore it already. I must have just worn it in my mind (??? I don’t know what I’m talking about!). Sleek polishes are available from their website or from Superdrug stores. Oxford is a beautiful shimmery blackened blue that just glows on your fingers. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love blackened colours…I might be a bit biased! I had zero application problems and for less than £5 I can’t get over how amazing it is!


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1 comment to day four hundred and ninety seven, sleek oxford

  • Lucy

    That sure looks wonderful on you. I love a deep blue like that. Very pretty. Also love their eye shadow palettes. Wish I had them but I know I don't need them!

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