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day five hundred, china glaze stone age

I can’t believe I’ve made it 500 separate posts about nail polish on my fingers! For anyone who cares I have an extra 100 posts about makeup/skincare/press releases…but there have been 500 individual nail of the day posts!

This is another old school China Glaze (full of delicious chemicals, yum!) and it feels like a precursor to the Khrome collection that came out awhile back. Brushed crème metallics…these are tough to work with. It’s nearly impossible not to end up with brushstrokes on the nail and I tried SO hard. I managed to do a pretty good job but I am far from perfect. These type of shades are as close as nail polishes get to mimicking the Minx mirror effect that people get so crazy over. The best advice I can give is to let each coat dry and try to use as few strokes as possible to minimise the amount of strokes you are applying on each nail…thereby leaving the least strokes behind (that sounds so complicated for such a simple statement). I really like the charcoal type colour though and these types of polishes are PERFECT for Konad stamping!


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