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day four hundred and fifty six, china glaze frosty

Before we go to today’s post I thought I’d share another funny Israel picture! We went for a camel ride (well, actually we went for a camel and donkey ride. The camel ride was okay, a bit weird but mellow but the donkey ride was SCARY! My donkey took it upon…itself (himself? herself?) to stop…and then run, and then stop…and then run. I was scared!!!). The weirdest part was getting off the camels, one minute you’re riding and all of a sudden they’ve sat down and it startles you! I figured if I was going to take a picture with a camel it might as well be a faux surprised face one 😀

Moving on…Frosty is another one of the awesome offerings from the China Glaze Holiday 2010 collection. This colour was sort of weird to me, on one hand I really loved it…but on the other hand it sort of reminded me of a styrofoam snow globe covered in glitter. But despite any misgivings I had, it looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the nail. It was a bit more off white than the marshmallow colour of Snow and had a multicolour shimmer that was a little tough to capture (what I wouldn’t give to be rich and have no bills…I’d buy a super swanky camera) with my lack of light and camera but I hope I did an adequate job. I still feel like this colour is a bit high school prom…but maybe that is a good thing?

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