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day four hundred and thirty two, rescue beauty lounge catherine h

before we get to the gorgeous ridiculous beauty that is catherine H…a bit of humour for anyone who’s ever had to endure a big holiday dinner!

i think it’s hilarious! i found it on a website somewhere.

anyway. happy turkey day to those who celebrate, i’m super excited to do a belated thanksgiving with some friends on saturday. it’s [obviously] not a holiday here in the UK so it’s impossible to coordinate schedules on the actual day, so weekends work out much better! i try to keep about a week ahead in photos so i have a buffer in case of times like last night, where i’m too tired to change my nail polish. but even though i’m ahead in pictures i still always show it to you in order…but as it’s thanksgiving i’ve made an exception. that and i can’t sit on these pictures any longer!!!

i ordered the tudor collection when it was available for pre-sale and it arrived awhile ago….september, i think? well you all know i have a weird habit of just sitting on things when i finally get them, when i only wear things for one day it’s hard to think about having to remove them so i just put off wearing them to put off taking them off! but i finally caved and could resist the siren song of this collection NO LONGER! well. at least for one polish. i’m going to try and hold strong against the rest for awhile longer!!

catherine h is for catherine howard, henry viii’s 5th wife. from a quick wikipedia perusal (and watching the tudors from showtime) i can tell you they got married almost immediately after his marriage to anne of cleaves (in my opinion, the smartest of his wives!) was annulled and they were married for two years before he had her beheaded for adultery and treason. she was very young and often called henry’s “rose without a thorn” (which to me…sounds like the name of a ballad from a bad 80s metal hair band)

this colour is AMAZING. it’s just BEAUTIFUL. not that i would expect anything less than perfection from rescue beauty lounge…i’ve yet to ever be disappointed in a formula or colour and i’ve tried a lot of their colours! this one was a bit frustrating to photograph….i’m working the late shift this week (10-6) and it gets dark here by 4pm and there is NO sunshine. but please know that the shimmer you see in the bottle is vivid on the nails, i just struggled to capture it. i definitely want to buy fancy shmancy lightbulbs that mimic the sun but i don’t get my first paycheck until next week! this colour is this wonderful blurple with loads of pink, blue and purple shimmer heavily mixed throughout. i can’t get over how much it glows and captures the light!

it’s also worth noting that this polish was perfect in ONE COAT!

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