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day three hundred and ninety seven, color club soft as cashmere

i think this might be my favourite of the color club collection(s). i’m a lady with a weakness for taupe! at least i’m not alone in my perversion…just ask Pink Sith, she’s worse than i am (love you, E! <3). but maybe only in nail polish…and eye makeup? i’m not one for taupe clothing? it’s not that flattering on my…erm…fulllll (did i mention full?) frame? maybe if i found it in the right material. for the right price? why am i talking about this again?

i’d say i’m on a taupe kick lately…but that’s like saying i’m on an air kick or a water kick. it’s all vital to MY EXISTENCE! there aren’t many colours i flat out refuse to wear. i even wear baby pink when presented with it (gross 😛 )! i have a bajillion purples in the “should be worn first box before you are allowed to open the other four boxes box of nail polish box” box…sitting by my bed! someday i’ll get through it all…maybe. i hope not! i’m undecided!

i love this colour. it’s my favourite of the bunch. it’s a fantastic shade and yes. i adore it!

some days you get long posts, some days you get sensical posts. today is a mixture 😀 (i play world of warcraft…blame steve, it’s a long story and i’m writing this in the few breaks we get in our gaming nights so it’s a bit frantic)

(this polish was provided to me by color club for an HONEST review)

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