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day four hundred and five, sally hansen hd opulent cloud

this was really popular…last fall…. so of course i’m showing it to you now…but i only just won it in a giveaway held by my beloved ange! it’s a really nice purpley grey metallic-y colour.

i had a horrific experience getting my eyebrows done, so i would recommend AGAINST the gentry spa in canary wharf to anyone who’s interested. not only did the lady get wax all over my EYELID but she waxed off a layer of skin (OUCH) and when she was plucking she didn’t hold my skin taut enough and i almost started to cry from the pain (one of the reasons i do waxing instead of doing it myself is that my skin is so sensitive i can’t take the pain of tweezing myself). thankfully they look good…but i’m definitely going somewhere else next time! ouch!

hmmm. i don’t know what to say about this colour really. it’s a bit of a chameleon, it is interesting…it’s a blue/grey/purple with gold shimmer…it’s subtle. it’s not the most amazing polish i’ve ever encountered in my whole life. i’m glad i won it so i got to try it but i don’t really understand why people went so crazy over it this time last year. sometimes sally hansen really nails it….sometimes not so much. this is definitely one of the not so much times in my opinion!

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2 comments to day four hundred and five, sally hansen hd opulent cloud

  • I'm sorry you had such a bad waxing experience! That sounds horrible!
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  • Lucy

    Your poor eyebrows! At least they look good. Next time anything feels uncomfortable speak up. Your paying them so they should do their best not the worst. That's really rotten treatment. I have Opulent Cloud. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it's just okay. It is a strange polish. How did the interview go? Hope all went well.

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