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day two hundred and seventy four, models own orangeade

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hello everyone! i hope you had a lovely monday off, i had a deliciously lazy day (my favourite kind). today i have a new brand to show you, it’s not really that new or new to me, more like…i just got around to ordering some so we’ll call it new as i’ve never tried it before (wow…try to say that three times fast, talk about a run-on sentence). now i went through their website ( and went a bit crazy, i ended up with over TEN bottles of nail polish…but the best part is that they are individually £5 but the more you buy, the more you save. i ended up spending around £30 for 10 bottles. insanity! so cheap. so i got my trusty greens, blues, purples and every colour in between…and i went outside of my colour comfort zone and got an orange jelly with glitter called “orangeade”. this is what i’m going to show you today.

i definitely don’t consider orange to be in my colour palette or flattering in any way. but i went out on a limb and tried it. and i hate it. i really love the polish in the bottle, but on my fingers…ugh, i can’t stand it. i’m too pale and i don’t like jelly polishes. maybe i’ll keep it around and do some fake tan or something and try again. i bet it would look much better!! this is a bright orangesicle colour and the glitter mixed in is copper and gold. it sparkles beautifully…and is a really nice colour. just…..not on me. i really don’t like seeing my visible nail line in polishes and i can easily see it in this one.

i definitely look forward to trying more of the “me” models own shades!

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