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day two hundred and eighty seven, china glaze grape juice

this is from the 2009 china glaze summer days collection. when i read about this collection online reviews were mixed. people liked the colours but they were quite sheer and needed to be built up. i’m not an incredibly patient person but i actually liked the end result of building up this polish. it sort of turned into an unintentional foil with a really lovely soft purple and silver and full of traditional china glaze shimmer. but of course….if you’re going to apply 5 or more coats of polish, you’re gonna have trouble with drying times. so not the most perfect manicure as i am not good at sitting around for hours waiting for all the layers to harden but i still think it’s a beautiful and a bit of an undervalued gem!

i even took a video out in front of my flat to try and capture how pretty it is!!

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